Saturday, August 16, 2008

EDM Challenge Catch-Up

I've been a bit lax lately with posting new pieces. All I can say, is sorry......the heat effefcts caused me to not be as creative, so sketches were as I could. We have air now that works (when they put in freon) and abnormal cooler temperatures, so I am arting like crazy!

Challenge #184 was to draw a bench outside. Since I had no access to such a thing, I did this pencil sketch from a photo.

Challenge #29 was draw something archetechtural. Once again this was done from a photo, this time in PITT pens.

Challenge #30 was to draw a chair or anything you felt like, so I did a 'Zentangle'-style doodle. someone on Everyday Matters mentioned them in context with ATCs (my other passion). I have doodled like this for years and never knew it was cool to do so. :-) Doug and I are both re-hooked on this art form! He was doing it in paint back in the 80's, but no one accepted it at the time. Go fig..... this is also PITT pens in sepia.

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Shelly McC said...

Great drawings. Love your "Zentangle'-style doodle".