Wednesday, July 21, 2010

25 Motif Challenge - In Progress

I'm currently working on a large project, and you might think me MIA if I didn't check in. This is the Tatted Petal Doily from Star Book 66. The end result looks like a flower - a circular center with eight petals.
I had recently bought some new threads and the screamed to be used for this project. My scanner wasn't perfect in the color - the 'brown' in both threads is actually a beautiful deep cranberry and the yellow is a brighter yellow. The scan shows the center, the center ring of the petals, a cloverleaf used in shaping the petal, and round 1 of a petal. Since this is so modular, I am doing all of a segment at a time. It seems to be going faster since I can quickly memorize the current piece's pattern.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Zentangling Fun

If you still don't know what Zentangle is, check out for information. I enjoy the relaxation it encourages. This first piece was from a pattern coloring book. The first image is the untouched page.

This is the completed Zentangle done by using the pre-drawn pattern as the string. All of this is done with a .01 disposable technical pen.

This is a bit different. I had a tank top that had gotten dingy and lightly stained. I took a very fine Sharpie pen and did a Zentangle on the shirt for a unique piece of art.