Friday, July 25, 2008

EDM Challenge #19

Draw something you have made. This is a work-in-progress of a Goddess doll. I still have beading to do, but the fabric pattern looked too fun not to try. This is done in Pitt pens with no preliminary sketch. I am trying to loosen up in my sketching again. I have been doing so much finished work I need to let myself loosen up in the sketch book.

I made the cross in a technique called tea bag folding. It originated in Holland with decorative pouches holding tea bags. Since we don't have things like that in the States, aretists create tiles that can be printed out and used in the technique.


Stephanie said...

way to go! love the goddess doll sketch. very pretty!

Ann said...

I like the goddess doll drawing. I'd be interested in seeing what she looks like with the beads too. Very pretty!

freebird said...

Your drawing is great but I want to see the doll when she's decorated with beads. (I love beads).

It seems you could make your own tile papers to use for teabag folding instead of buying them if you know how big to make them. Yeah, one more thing to do!