Friday, July 4, 2008

EDM Challenge 178 and 1

I just started yesterday on the Everyday Matters weekly challenges. This week's challenge is 'Draw Something Red', so I did a watercoler sketch of a candle.

Everyday Matters has a list of all the past challenges for new menbers who want to 'catch up' with everyone else. Since I only have one good new sketchbook for now, I can't do my original idea of doing each challenge in exact order as listed. Instead, I'll be drawing the past challelnges as daily (as possible) sketches in between the weekly challenges.

This is Challenge 1 - Draw a Shoe

I defintely LOVE this sketchbook I bought Wednesday! It's the Canson Universal. It is a handy 5.5 x 8.5" with 65 lb paper. The paper is almost as smooth as bristol, so it takes ink like a dream and even though it is a light paper, takes light watercolor washes quite well with little buckling.
(NO I don't get paid by them )


Kathleen said...

Nice sketches Carolyn I really like the shoes- I also think the tiny watercolor set is awesome ! I think you will have fun with it

Ann said...

Very nice sketches! I should get back to doing those challenges too.

freebird said...

I love those shoes. They look like the comfy version of Cinderellas glass slippers.

I'm new at the challenges too. I've started at #1 and am up to #4. I am thinking of working both ends to the middle but haven't started that yet.

Lynn said...

Great job on the challenges! The red of the candle is lovely.