Monday, October 6, 2008


For those of you who may not know, Candlewicking is a form of embroidery using a limited selection of stitches and special thread. Candlewicking was originally done with the thread used for candle wicks (thus the name) and only came in one color - natural (kind of an ecru or ivory). Today, you can buy specific thread in various country colors. The stitiches used are stem, satin, French knots, and daisy.

This first piece is just traditional candlewicking in two colors.

The next two were done the same way - I used permanent BIC markers to color the main image and then did the stitching as candlewicking. It definitely gives a different look to an old favorite.


Zarina said...

I remembered when we were in the States in the early 80s mum went to a class for candlewicking. She never did continue so as usual, I hope to pick it up and produce something for her. Now to find where I can get the supplies and the time to do it - as it is I have too many things lined up.

Miss Nancy said...

Thank you for the information on candelwicking. I am new to embrodery, and threrefore blessed with this new understanding. Your work is beautiful!