Sunday, June 22, 2008

Art Paper Doll

I found a neat paper doll template on the web at .

I printed it up and then transferred the pieces to a piece of comic book backing board. This is an acid-free heavy card stock with two different textures (I love it for many paper crafts).

1. I covered each piece with paper. I used pink parchment for her skin and floral paper for her dress.

2. After stamping her face, I drew in details such as fingers and toes.

3. I used an anywhere punch to make all connection holes.

4. The arm segments were attached with mini brads and the head, dress pieces and legs were connected with large jump rings.

5. I pulled the legs off a loop brad and glued it onto the back of the head with E-6000 and tied a fibre in it for a hanger.

6. I glued a piece of fancy fibre on her head for hair and let it all dry.

I plan on making several of these as holiday decorations. I think the whole project took a couple of hours. Try one yourself and have fun!

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