Saturday, February 6, 2010

25 Motif Challenge

I got a bit lucky this month - I was able to find a complete year of Workbasket magazines from 1954 (in fairly good condition) on EBay for about $1 an issue. I almost fell out of my chair when I got them, as the original subscription lable was still on them, and the lady lived in my hometown in my part of the country mail route. I was totally amazed, after all, how often does something like that happen?
This is a bit of a non-traditional snowflake. I am trying to use up my odd-ball threads before I go out and buy all the new ones I want! lol

Snowflake 2
Festive Snowflakes & Ornaments
edited by Barbara Foster
HH Flora color 2053 size 20
4 1/4" across

1 comment:

sewmuchfun4 said...

What a coincidence about the magazines - it's a small world even on the world-wide web!

Your snowflake is really pretty! I have been looking at it and noticed how symmetrical it turned out with the variegated thread. To me, that's pretty cool! How often does that happen?

:) Ann