Friday, September 5, 2008

Goodies to share!

I just had to share some neat goodies I spoiled myself this month. The little brown things on the left of the picture are hand-made picot guides. (For you non-tatters - picots are tiny loops in tatting) I got them from Georgia Seitz .

On the right is size 20 hand dyed thread by LadyShuttleMaker Compared to the standard crochet thread I have been using, these threads are almost decadent. :)

I have to spoil myself more often.....

ALSO, I won a thread give away over at CrazyKwilter's blog All-in-all, a good day!

1 comment:

zarina said...

Carolyn - once you start on HDTs, you will never want to touch other off-the-shelf threads. I am so addicted to HDTs that I am making my own (which I plan to share with the world - more about it from my blog).